Hoppy Valentine's Day at Philippe's

Who says Valentine’s Day should only be celebrated at a fine dining establishment?  Come to Philippe’s on Valentine’s Day (Tuesday, Feb. 14) for a “Hoppy” Valentine’s Day combo, which includes a pint of Karl Straus Aurora Hoppyalis (IPA), French Dipped sandwich, and choice of side and you will receive $1 off your meal and a complimentary chocolate-dipped Rice Krispies Treat. The combo can include any of the French Dipped Sandwich choices on the menu; Beef, Lamb, Pork, Ham, Turkey or Pastrami. Choice … Read More

Philippe’s is Serving Free Chili For One Day Only

Because sometimes life gets it right, Phillipe’s just announced that they are serving free chili tomorrow (Tuesday, January 24) only, starting at 10:30 AM. Eating warming, soothing, *free* chili at the world’s best French Dip spot is, we have decided, the only antidote to watching the world crumble around us. If you haven’t tried Phillipe’s “Dolores” chili because you are busy eating their winning sandwiches, you now have a chance to remedy that error. Congratulations. Philippe’s has hosted their  “Free Chili Day” event for … Read More

Philippe's to be On-Air Guest with Petros & Money

Philippe’s managing partner, Richard Binder will be an on-air guest with the Petros & Money Show on Wednesday, Jan. 18 beginning at 3:45 p.m.   Binder, along with Bert Muñoz from Dolores Chili will talk about the upcoming Seventh Annual Free Chili Day to be held at Philippe’s on Tuesday, Jan. 24. which is sponsored by Dolores Chili. On that day, beginning at 10:30 a.m., the first 500 guests will receive a voucher for a … Read More

You’re certainly familiar with Philippe The Original (more colloquially known at Philippe’s around these parts). They’re the corner Chinatown stop that has endured for more than a century as the creators of the famous French dip sandwich, and their history tells a fascinating story of ever-changing Los Angeles. Now KCET has detailed the finer points of their tale in an awesome piece full of throwback photos and stuff you might never have heard before. First … Read More

The Century-Long History of Philippe’s and Its Famous French Dip Sandwich

For over a century, diners have been flocking to Philippe the Original to get a taste of its French dip sandwich, an iconic dish that is very much woven  into the fabric of Los Angeles. This old-school joint’s fervent following has a lot to do with its long history and beefy au jus that gets soaked into each sandwiches’ French rolls. Andrew Binder, the 28-year-old managing partner and fourth generation owner of Philippe’s, says what makes … Read More

Every January since 2011, Philippe’s has been teaming up with Dolores Chili to offer patrons a little something free. It’s become more and more popular and the day many have waited for is finally here, Philippe’s will host the seventh annual Free Chili Day. The first 500 customers at Philippe’s on Tuesday, Jan. 24 beginning at 10:30 a.m. will receive a voucher for a free cup of Dolores chili, with the purchase of a sandwich. Guests will … Read More

Philippe's Hot Mustard Dip

Perfect for the Holidays! Great with Pretzels or as a Grilled Sausage Spread!  Ingredients 1 squeeze bottle of Philippe’s Hot Mustard 4 oz. of Softened Cream Cheese 1 bag Sourdough Pretzel Nuggets or Pretzel Sticks or Rods Grilled Sausage Saracha Hot Sauce Instructions In a small bowl, whip 4 oz. of Philippe’s Hot Mustard with 4 oz. of softened Cream Cheese. Cover and refrigerate for one day. Top with a drizzle of Saracha (if you can handle … Read More

Instagram's Popeye the Foodies Visits Philippe's

From stray dog to Instagram star, Popeye the Foodie came to fame by visiting LA restaurants and posing for pics in his cute doggie swag.   Philippe the Original was recently added to the list of LA area restaurants Popeye has made an appearance at. The cute mutt (his human doesn’t know his exact breed) posed with French Dips and sides, including Coleslaw, Purple Eggs and pie. Although Philippe’s is not a dog-friendly establishment and does not … Read More

Philippe’s Hot Mustard just might be the best stocking stuffer or small gift for the holidays. It’s inexpensive, small and memorable.  Philippe’s 9 oz. squeeze bottles of mustard fit perfectly into stockings, can be shipped ground without any additional temperature control and works well with plenty of recipes (it doesn’t just pair perfectly with French Dips). If the hot mustard isn’t the right fit for someone on your list, there’s a selection of stocking stuffers … Read More

The 2016 LA Auto Show is currently in town at the Los Angeles Convention Center to showcase upcoming and classic cars. After a whole day of staring down new and old vehicles from top brands all over the world, one can build up an appetite. Philippe’s is offering 10% off your entire order, with purchase of a French Dip sandwich, to those that bring in their ticket from the event, which includes: General Admission, VIP, … Read More