Philippe’s food is in a league all its own. But with all that food, one has to get thirsty. Enter Philippe’s beer lineup that has an endless amount for you to pair with your meal.  The current lineup consists of an array of local brews from California and all over the United States. New and classics are on tap all day long to satisfy your craving for a craft beer. And of course, to pair … Read More

Celebrate National Sandwich Day with a French Dip at Philippe's

National Sandwich Day is cause to celebrate your favorite sandwich, and for 108 years many people’s favorite has been a Philippe’s French Dip.  So bite into a Beef, Pork, Lamb, Pastrami, Turkey or Ham Dip at Philippe’s this Wednesday. Add cheese and/or choose between single-dipped, double-dipped or wet. Make sure to pair it with a side of Macaroni Salad, Coleslaw or Potato Salad. Some say the annual holiday is supposed to be celebrated by eating … Read More

While the selection of desserts at Philippe’s, including New York Cheesecake and Lemon Meringue Pie never makes it easy for people to choose just one, there is an item that some say is a no-brainer. Philippe’s Baked Apples. Every year between October and May the seasonal dessert makes it back on the menu. What makes it so great is the way it’s baked; perfectly with a Cinnamon Sugar Syrup right in Philippe’s kitchen. Also, the … Read More

Everyone knows that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Make it your favorite meal with one of the best breakfast spots in Downtown LA. Philippe’s serves the basics, from cold to hot, and everything in between.  Whether you’re into freshly cracked eggs, potatoes made in house, or home made pastries, Philippe’s has something to cure that breakfast craving. Our fluffy pancakes are made from scratch and French toast is cinnamon battered on thick … Read More

Philippe The Original , located in Los Angeles, not only makes their famous and delicious French Dip sandwiches, but they sell their Philippe’s Hot Mustard in restaurant and online. Are you one of the many that wants to consume the complimentary condiment by the spoonful?  Well you can!  If you’re not up to your sinuses being cleared, you can add it in small doses, to anything you’d like. The Hot Mustard is sold so customers … Read More

Philippe's Pastrami Dip

A hot Pastrami Dip is available now, and for a limited time, at Philippe’s. Guests can now enjoy four and a half ounces of New York Pastrami on a traditional Philippe’s roll. The sandwich is available single-dipped, double-dipped or wet just as the beef, lamb, turkey and ham dips are. Philippe’s worked to perfect the newest menu addition for weeks. Shipped from the Bronx in New York, the meat is made from the navel end and is … Read More

KCET has set off to find L.A.’s most iconic dish. The quest started with 16 epic Los Angeles restaurants, including Philippe the Original located in the heart of Downtown L.A., across from Union Station. Philippe’s went up against Cole’s in the first-round “Dip” category and quickly took the lead with a final 79 to 21 percent victory in the polls. It has been long debated over social media and blog posts, which has the better … Read More