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A cup of brew at Philippe's: Perks go beyond value

In an era where self-proclaimed gourmet coffee shops boast a $5 cup as affordable, an inexpensive cup can be just as refreshing.  Philippe’s, Home of the Original French Dipped Sandwich, has prided itself on serving a cup of delicious affordable coffee since it’s founding in 1908.

"My grandfather said, 'I always wanted everyone to be able to afford a cup of coffee'," stated Philippe's general manager Richard Binder.

The coffee bean has been a hot commodity on the global market. Yet as global coffee consumption has grown, this has placed further stress on reduced supplies. The result: The cost of coffee doubled between Spring 2010 and Spring 2011, rising above $6 per pound according to government statistics. In addition, the cost of sugar has increased from $16 per bag in the 1970s to $37 today.

Effective Thursday, February 2, the price of a cup of coffee will increase from 9 cents to 45 cents.

Philippe's last increased the price of its coffee 35 years ago, from 5 to 9 cents a cup, in 1977.  “In the 70’s, the price for coffee quickly jumped to about $5-5.50 per bag and that’s why we raised prices,” said manager Elias Barajas, who has worked at Philippe's for 45 years. “It stabilized, but since the late 90’s prices have skyrocketed.”

Effective February 2, coffee will be included with the purchase of any full breakfast.  This does not apply to side orders or bakery goods.  Famous for its quality, Philippe's menu remains entirely home-cooked.  Nothing is processed, from the cracked eggs to the freshly squeezed orange juice.

Philippe's will continue to buy its coffee from Los Angeles-based Apffels Fine Coffees.  Locally compared, Philippe’s continues to offer the best value on its coffee.

Philippe the Original is located just one block north of Los Angeles’s historic Union Station and is located in the heart of old downtown.  It is at the intersection of North Main, Alameda and Ord Streets- walking distance to City Hall, Chinatown, Little Tokyo and Olvera Street.

"To be able to come to Philippe's and have a breakfast including eggs, bacon, potatoes, biscuits and coffee for the price is ridiculous," said patron Ruben Villareal of Pacoima. "It's too good to be true."