From stray dog to Instagram star, Popeye the Foodie came to fame by visiting LA restaurants and posing for pics in his cute doggie swag.  Instagram's Popeye the Foodie Visits Philippe's

Philippe the Original was recently added to the list of LA area restaurants Popeye has made an appearance at. The cute mutt (his human doesn’t know his exact breed) posed with French Dips and sides, including Coleslaw, Purple Eggs and pie.

Although Philippe’s is not a dog-friendly establishment and does not have a patio, the visit was suitable for Popeye’s Instagram feed being that Philippe’s is an LA classic.

Popeye’s human, Ivy Diep, was excited to showcase a restaurant over 100 years old on the #Popeyethefoodie Instagram.

Ivy and her husband rescued Popeye off the streets of LA, where he was a stray dog with little to eat. Now he has plenty to snack on, even though he doesn’t get to eat too much human food. Ivy always has some dog treats on hand for Popeye.