January 9, 2017 Lauren Rothman NY Post

When it comes to snacking, meal times and everything in between, there’s one thing Americans can all agree on: the sandwich is king. Whether these stacked-bread behemoths a

The best sandwiches in America

re served up at the best breakfast restaurants in America, the best BBQ restaurants in America or are some of the secret menu items across America, we can’t get enough bacon-egg-and-cheeses, beef briskets, Italian subs, classic pastrami on rye bread or spicy pork banh mi. So, the next time the craving strikes, hit up these spots to indulge in some of the best sandwiches in America.

11. French dip from Phillippe’s in Los Angeles, CA

One of Southern California’s oldest restaurants, Philippe’s opened in 1908 and, ten years later, accidentally hit upon its best-selling sandwiches — so the story goes — when Frenchman founderPhilippe Mathieu inadvertently dropped a sliced French roll into a pan of hot beef gravy before layering the sandwich with sliced meat. Today, Philippe’s is still going strong and its excellent, meaty French dip is as craveable as ever. $7 

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