Philippe’s is Serving Free Chili For One Day Only

Because sometimes life gets it right, Phillipe’s just announced that they are serving free chili tomorrow (Tuesday, January 24) only, starting at 10:30 AM. Eating warming, soothing, *free* chili at the world’s best French Dip spot is, we have decided, the only antidote to watching the world crumble around us. If you haven’t tried Phillipe’s “Dolores” chili because you are busy eating their winning sandwiches, you now have a chance to remedy that error. Congratulations. Philippe’s has hosted their  “Free Chili Day” event for … Read More

You’re certainly familiar with Philippe The Original (more colloquially known at Philippe’s around these parts). They’re the corner Chinatown stop that has endured for more than a century as the creators of the famous French dip sandwich, and their history tells a fascinating story of ever-changing Los Angeles. Now KCET has detailed the finer points of their tale in an awesome piece full of throwback photos and stuff you might never have heard before. First … Read More

The Century-Long History of Philippe’s and Its Famous French Dip Sandwich

For over a century, diners have been flocking to Philippe the Original to get a taste of its French dip sandwich, an iconic dish that is very much woven  into the fabric of Los Angeles. This old-school joint’s fervent following has a lot to do with its long history and beefy au jus that gets soaked into each sandwiches’ French rolls. Andrew Binder, the 28-year-old managing partner and fourth generation owner of Philippe’s, says what makes … Read More

Eat at Philippe's Before & After LA Sports Games

Bar crawls are fun, but the logistics can be tricky, especially when you’re looking for craft beer, as the best destinations for beer in the city are often spread wide and thin. So forget about parking or a long chain of Uber rides and explore L.A.’s craft beer scene with the help of public transportation. You can drink responsibly, be more eco-friendly and support your city’s infrastructure. With four major train lines crisscrossing Los Angeles, you can plan a whole afternoon’s … Read More

L.A. in Love: 6 Indulge-Worthy Dining Gems

Whether it’s the essence of the food, the view, or how the fabric of the city seems woven into the experience, certain restaurants in L.A. make you happy you live here. Go ahead and revisit an old flame, or better yet, start a new love affair. French Dipping On the edge of Chinatown, Philippe The Original is one of two restaurants that claims to have created the city’s iconic French dip. Philippe Mathieu opened up … Read More

How to Get a Philippe's French Dip Delivered

You’re at your desk. It’s noon. And all you want to do is dig into a Philippe’s French dip sandwich and get a little jus on your keyboard. Now, you can actually make it happen — if you live or work within a five-mile radius of Philippe the Original, the century-plus-old institution in downtown Los Angeles. The restaurant, which claims to be the birthplace of the French dip sandwich, has been around since 1908. It recently partnered with Caviar, a … Read More

Dodgers Home Opener at Philippe the Original

Need some quality food material for Snapchat? Here are details on two events happening this weekend, plus Thai Restaurant week and a Dodgers Home Opener celebration at Philippe the Original next week.  Dodgers Home Opener at Philippe the Original  The downtown L.A. restaurant known for its French dip sandwiches and hot mustard is hosting some pre-game festivities Tuesday before the Dodgers take on the Arizona Diamondbacks at Dodger Stadium. The Bud Light Girls and Angel … Read More

Philippe's is Home of the Original French Dipped Sandwich

Southern California prides itself on being the originator of a great many things in the food world, from cheeseburgers to the entirety   of America’s fast food culture. In Los Angeles proper, two competing eateries — Philippe’s and Cole’s, respectively — each claim to have invented the iconic French dip, the meaty French roll sandwich that’s been doused in roasting pan juices. So who’s right in the great L.A. sandwich debate? Thrillist believes it has … Read More

Philippe’s was voted Best Downtown Classic in the “27th Annual Best of Downtown” issue by Downtown News. The restaurant was also runner-up in the Best Sandwich/Wrap category.  Both of these were announced July 27. Philippe’s won these for a reason, with their extensive and classic menu selection, from sandwiches, salads, soups and more. Philippe’s has been serving food since 1908.  The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power did not start dispensing electricity until 1917.  … Read More

Philippe the Original -- Best Chili

Simple is better sometimes. The chili can be ordered with or without beans. I ordered mine with beans. Everything about this simple chili is perfect, the beans are tender, spices are the right blend of spicy with heat that doesn’t have you reaching for the water, so that you can taste and enjoy the flavors. The ground beef is present unlike some places that leave you searching for it. Nope, not here. Everything in the … Read More