Oh Hot Mustard, You Can Order Philippe French Dips Online

Those who’ve spent time eating around Los Angeles can quickly name all of the important milestones they’ve experienced, specifically as those events relate to Philippe the Original. The first time your feet ever walked on sawdust inside a restaurant? That’s on your list. Remember the first French Dip you chowed down on before a Dodgers game? You do. Do your remember the first spat you had with an out-of-town friend, the pal who didn’t believe … Read More

Things to Do This Week: Philippe's Free Chili Day

Chili is one of those eat-it-all-day-long foodstuffs, and it has always been this way, since beans and meat were first swirled together in a tomato-luscious broth, and it shall always be this way, for chili in the morning fortifies and chili at night comforts.  And that is that. But whether you prefer your chili on an omelet at dawn, or slurp a few spoonfuls, to allay the growlies, before bed, you’ll probably at least nod … Read More

Philippe the Original

Located right near Union Station and Olvera St, Philippes has been serving the French Dip sandwich since they created it over 100 years ago. This corner restaurant has solidified its place in LA history with its constant flow of customers, great word of mouth and its basic menu and prices. Philippe’s knows what it is doing, and what it is doing is creating killer sandwiches, read on for my review.                 … Read More

Why This French Dip Sandwich Restaurant in LA Is Legendary

Founded in 1908, this restaurant is believed to have created the hot sandwich. It has survived through two world wars, The Great Depression, Prohibition, and even the extension of the Hollywood Freeway in 1951. Philippe the Original is Los Angeles. Ask any native Angeleno and they will agree, no matter what neighborhood they may have grown up in. The Chinatown coffee shop has become the official meeting place for people of all backgrounds, especially before … Read More

You might think you’ve tried them all. You haven’t. If you’re a true foodie, you will know many of these. The Godmother from Bay Cities. The Chopped Salad from La Scala. The Prime Rib from Lawry’s. Beautifully perennial classics that are quintessentially Los Angeles. We can all agree on this. BUT! The internal fighting about what made it to the final 100 was heated and brutal. Creating a list like this was a constant battlefield, … Read More

Philippe’s is Serving Free Chili For One Day Only

Because sometimes life gets it right, Phillipe’s just announced that they are serving free chili tomorrow (Tuesday, January 24) only, starting at 10:30 AM. Eating warming, soothing, *free* chili at the world’s best French Dip spot is, we have decided, the only antidote to watching the world crumble around us. If you haven’t tried Phillipe’s “Dolores” chili because you are busy eating their  winning sandwiches, you now have a chance to remedy that error. Congratulations. Philippe’s has hosted their  “Free Chili Day” event … Read More

You’re certainly familiar with Philippe The Original (more colloquially known at Philippe’s around these parts). They’re the corner Chinatown stop that has endured for more than a century as the creators of the famous French dip sandwich, and their history tells a fascinating story of ever-changing Los Angeles. Now KCET has detailed the finer points of their tale in an awesome piece full of throwback photos and stuff you might never have heard before. First … Read More

The best sandwiches in America

When it comes to snacking, meal times and everything in between, there’s one thing Americans can all agree on: the sandwich is king. Whether these stacked-bread behemoths a re served up at the best breakfast restaurants in America, the best BBQ restaurants in America or are some of the secret menu items across America, we can’t get enough bacon-egg-and-cheeses, beef briskets, Italian subs, classic pastrami on rye bread or spicy pork banh mi. So, the … Read More

The Century-Long History of Philippe’s and Its Famous French Dip Sandwich

For over a century, diners have been flocking to Philippe the Original to get a taste of its French dip sandwich, an iconic dish that is very much woven  into the fabric of Los Angeles. This old-school joint’s fervent following has a lot to do with its long history and beefy au jus that gets soaked into each sandwiches’ French rolls. Andrew Binder, the 28-year-old managing partner and fourth generation owner of Philippe’s, says what makes … Read More

Eat at Philippe's Before & After LA Sports Games

Bar crawls are fun, but the logistics can be tricky, especially when you’re looking for craft beer, as the best destinations for beer in the city are often spread wide and thin. So forget about parking or a long chain of Uber rides and explore L.A.’s craft beer scene with the help of public transportation. You can drink responsibly, be more eco-friendly and support your city’s infrastructure. With four major train lines crisscrossing Los Angeles, you can plan a whole afternoon’s … Read More