June 10, 2016 Erin Behan Los Angeles Magazine

Whether it’s the essence of the food, the view, or how the fabric of the city seems woven into the experience, certain L.A. in Love: 6 Indulge-Worthy Dining Gemsrestaurants in L.A. make you happy you live here. Go ahead and revisit an old flame, or better yet, start a new love affair.

French Dipping
On the edge of Chinatown, Philippe The Original is one of two restaurants that claims to have created the city’s iconic French dip. Philippe Mathieu opened up shop in 1908, moved here in 1951, and not much has changed. There’s still sawdust on the floor and a deli counter that attracts hungry diners like moths to the flame. You can have the French Dipped with beef, pork, lamb, turkey, or pastrami as a single dip, double dip, or wet. You’ll want to side it with macaroni salad or a pickled pig’s foot, perhaps, plus something sweet like lemon meringue pie or tapioca pudding. It’s nostalgia on a tray.

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