Philippe’s will begin a two and a half month-long remodel of both the men and women’s restrooms on Tuesday, Sept. 5. Philippe's to Remodel Bathrooms

Temporary toilets will be available for customers to use during this time. The remodel is slated to be completed the third week of November. While the management team said setbacks can occur during this type of major construction, the anticipated completion date is Monday, Nov. 20.

In an effort to ensure both restrooms are ADA Compliant, the remodel was necessary. Both restrooms will be completely gutted and reconstructed from the ground up.

Philippe’s hired a contractor and architect firm to oversee the renovations.

The almost 110-year-old restaurant has made every effort to keep the iconic and historical feel of the restaurant through any upgrades and remodeling over the years, and the same goes for the restrooms. The finishing touches on the materials used will mimic other areas of the restaurant, which give it a historical feel.

Management is excited to reveal the final results in November.